Floppy Hats & Flowy Dresses

Dressing for Dubai Summer heat

Our first day in Dubai was a little rough on me – fighting the jet lag as well as one of the hottest days we experienced, had my body a little unhappy. Nevertheless a roughly 44 degrees celsius outside temperature (plus the humidity factor, making the heat around 115 degrees fahrenheit for us American folks had me dressing solely for comfort and coolness. Enter floppy hats & flowy dresses. To me, the epitome of what to wear when it is brutally hot.

A little Home in Dubai

A little home in Dubai

Welcome to Dubai! If you aren’t following along via social media or this is your first time on Adored by Alex, you may not know that the past week I’ve been in Dubai for the trip of a lifetime! Of course I couldn’t resist bringing a little home in Dubai with me…

Travel Beauty with Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty - travel essentials

The idea of traveling halfway across the world was seriously daunting to me. So after some great conversations and research via friends & bloggers whom I love, I got together on paper what I needed to keep my beauty routine on track. Travel beauty with Ulta Beauty is easy and with a game plan I was in and out of my local store in a snap!