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Favorite Pixi Beauty Skincare Products

Let’s be real, I love a good splurge skincare item that works, but in reality I, and my wallet, would love for my entire routine to be filled with reasonably priced skincare products that actually work. Enter Pixi Beauty, affordable…

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10 Needlepoint Canvases for Beginners

Bookmark this post for later and share with friends! I’m sharing some of my favorite needlepoint canvases for beginners. And while I simply can’t compile every single beginner canvas available, I’m hoping to give you a nice jumping off point…

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Closet Staples Worth the Investment

If there’s one thing I can’t preach about enough when it comes to my style, it’s that I choose to invest in closet staples that will outlast a variety of trends year after year. Of course we all have different…

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